Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good-bye to a Wonderful Man...

We just received a call that my grandfather passed away in his sleep last night. A man who has overcome unbelievable medical conditions over the past few years, left quietly.

Pop fell somewhere in between Thursday and Friday evening. He had broken his ankle at 90 degrees and used his lifeline button to call for help. He was scheduled for surgery Friday evening, but they pushed it back to this morning. Sometime during the night, he slipped away.

My Pop was truly a wonderful man, and quite possibly one of the funniest people I have ever known. I think he became funnier as he got older - better with age!

I will most remember what a wonderful husband he was to my grandmother. Pop was not my biological grandfather, but the only grandfather I ever knew, and therefore just as much mine. He grieved my grandmother's death deeply. I remember how quiet he was the months and years after her death.

The first Christmas without her as we sat around my aunt's house trying to find some semblance of the holiday, I remember him saying "this family needs some kids to liven things up" and then pronounced it was time to go.

My cousins and I went on locally to offer him three great-grandchildren and one angel baby. My aunt kept telling me in the days around Cara's death that he was very concerned about us and kept asking about me.

This is my first loss since Cara's death. It's hard but different of course. Here is a man who has lived a wonderful life, so full and rich with memories. He has left us much laughter to cling to. The family calendar this year has a picture of Pop on one of his island adventures wearing a native headdress. Pop Goes Native, the start of the calendar reads. You can't help but look at it and laugh.

We appreciate your prayers these next few days as we go through the motions of grieving and remembering and hopefully finding many moments of laughter.

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Carly said...

I want you to know that I am praying for your hearts,

With deep sympathy,

Carly x