Monday, March 22, 2010

Stillbirth & SUID Prevention, Education, & Awareness Act (S 1445/HR 3212)

Below is a quick synopsis of pending legislation for stillbirth & SIDS. If you click on the link below it, then on "Take Action" on the next page, "New Users click here", you can complete a quick form which generates an email to your representatives and senator. It's quick - less than 1 minute - and let's your voice be heard! First Candle started circulating this campaign in case you are interested.

Every year, there are more than 25,000 stillbirths in the United States. Many of these deaths are the result of birth defects, infections, umbilical cord problems, and chronic conditions of the mother. However, there is no known cause for as many as half of all stillbirths, leaving many parents without answers to the reasons for these deaths. This bill would expand current activities related to stillbirth and increase education and awareness among health care providers and families.

In addition, there are more than 4,600 sudden unexpected infant deaths each year and another 200 children between the ages 1 and 4 die without any obvious cause for their death. Many such tragedies could be prevented if there were a better understanding of the reasons why these infants and children died. The Act encourages states to complete scene investigations to better understand why these children died and establishes a national database to track these deaths and identify risk factors to prevent them in the future.

The Stillbirth and SUID Prevention, Education, and Awareness Act is the single largest movement towards the end of these tragedies that our country has ever seen. Please "take action" below by using our form to email your federal representatives and urge them to support and co-sponsor this important act of legislation today!

This is democracy in action- let them hear us! This opportunity is too great to pass up. Thank you again for your unfaltering support!

Click the link below to take action on this issue:

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