Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Perfect Storm

I stumbled across this song this morning on David Wilcox's website. The words so perfectly embrace what I wrote about in my "Deep joy in the midst of sadness" post.

"...A lightning bolt struck my heart and ignited a flame within it. Sometimes it burns angrily, other times it burns with love. The point is it's burning."

It also illustrates the desire Tim and I have to change our lives. We are currently discussing some of these changes, and they are scary. But we can't continue to live the safe life we were living before. It's time to get messy.

From David Wilcox's website: ...this song is about looking up from the yearning we feel, that voltage between heaven and earth that arcs in the human heart. When I was making my way home down a path in the dark as the storm was blowing in, it was the brief flashes of lightning that showed me where I was and where I was going. I am very grateful for those times when my heart is full to bursting with a flash of inspiration that feels like the purpose of my being here. I get quite a charge out of knowing that we are given the task of being a conduit for illumination in this world; we put our lives across that distance where this longing turns to light.

Perfect Storm
David Wilcox

Lightning cracks the darkness
And for a moment I can see
It’s just a spark to start with
But I follow where it leads
I won’t spend my whole life hiding
Where no soul could ever thrive
I can’t live with just surviving
My heart wants to feel alive

Life is change, and change looks frightening
Watch that wind I’ve been warned
But I live to feel this lightning
In this perfect storm

I see the twisting cloud that’s turning
Where the earth and the heavens meet
I feel the voltage of that yearning
For the circuit to complete
So I will feel no resistance
To the current that will strike
I’ll put my life across the distance
Where this longing turns to light


It washes me down to my soul
When a storm of these tears pours
It carries me into the flow
That’s what it’s here for


You can listen to it online here.

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