Monday, January 12, 2009

Emotional Hangover

I have had an emotional hangover since leaving church yesterday. It's been dark days here, my friends. We are moving into a season of grieving Cara that is very difficult. All around us our friends are having babies, and we are coming up on the one year anniversary of our only child's stillbirth. Tim has had his fair share of tears to wipe from my eyes.

My walk found a brief reprieve this afternoon. Tim called me at lunch and said "treat yourself right, make a latte." Wise words from my husband. A conversation with a friend has too eased the burden. In reflecting on a thought our pastor shared with me and Tim last week, I cling to these moments when the space between heaven and earth draws close and the divine slips into our lives. And I feel like that happened today over a cup coffee with a dear friend.


Leslie Parkins said...

I'm so thankful for the friends in your lives (and in mine). I hope that we all continue to walk together through what life brings us. The Grace baskets are a beautiful tradition to bring to All Saints' and are an incredible blessing to our community. We're all blessed to have you both share Cara Grace with us in ways that live into Christ's love.

I'm looking forward to spending time with you and Tim soon, we'll need to play Settlers and we just bought a new game, Ticket to Ride.


Carly said...

Sending you love :)