Thursday, January 29, 2009

Full Circle - Another Reflection

I read this passage from Christ of the Celts by J. Philip Newell this morning, and it perfectly summed up my thoughts about a subsequent child from yesterday. A note, while this passage uses a lot of birth imagery, it is not written in the context of pregnancy but in our longings of life.

There is a connection between desire and conception, just as there is a connection between conception and birth pangs. To be in touch with the deepest desire of the soul and the love-longings that stir within us will lead to new conception in our lives and relationships. These will in turn lead us into both the joy and the pain of new birthings. In one of her visions, Julian [of Norwich] sees that Christ's countenance is a combination of pain and sorrow on the one hand and joy and bliss on the other. What births happen without pain? And what are the new births of delight waiting to happen in our lives and world that also will be costly? We are invited to be in touch with our deepest desires and to know in their unfoldings the pain of new beginnings.

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