Wednesday, March 25, 2009


$700 is how much the test was to diagnose my blood condition.

Saturday Tim and I went to a local garden center. We enjoyed a private visit with the owner because it was a slow day. She is a very sweet lady who had been to our church's yard sale for First Candle in the fall. We mentioned recognizing her from that event. I shared with her why we held the yard sale and where the money had gone.

It was nice to be able to share about Cara, about why we lost her and the reason why more research around stillbirth is needed. I said it's hard to have a $700 price tag on your daughter's life. She got it, she embraced us in our pain, and was incredibly sensitive.

As Tim and I pulled away, it clicked for me. We had raised exactly $700 at the yard sale. The exact amount that would have saved Cara. I can only hope that our collective $700 can save much more than just one baby. And even if it saves only one, it would have been worth it, because as I know so deeply, Cara would have been worth it.

Today is First Candle's Day on the Hill. I hope there is an army of broken parents storming the Capitol. We would have been amongst them, but a life situation kept us home this year. I will make it there one day though if this fight for more legislation must continue. Cara, you have my word.

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Carly Marie said...

You really are such beautiful people. Cara must be so proud to call you her parents x