Monday, March 16, 2009

Thinking back

I'm struck this morning about how much Cara has changed our lives. Very shortly after Cara's death, we huddled in her nursery and on our family room couch compiling our "because of Cara" list. It became a list of ways we wanted to change to honor her. Some of the things included living more simply, building a stronger marriage, eating better and staying in shape.

One of my fears with our "because of Cara" list was that a few months after her death, we would forget about it and slip back into our old ways of living. This fear hit me again yesterday morning as I read Pastor Greg's Lenton sermon on "Sloth," which Greg succinctly describes as falling asleep and not giving a damn while people and the world are in need of help.

I'm thankful to be able to say that for the most part over this past year, Cynthia and I have not fallen back into our old ways of living too much. We have surely had our moments and will always continue to do so. We'll never become perfect while walking on this journey. But because of Cara we started on a new journey that has brought a deeper joy and meaning to our lives.

And, I'm most thankful that Cara will continue to spur us on. She will always be interceding for us along with all the saints. "Because of Cara" doesn't just live on the pages of our journals, but it's permanently marked on our hearts and minds.


Carly Marie said...

So beautiful,

We feel the same about how we intend to live our live.

All my love to you both

Carly x

Leslie Parkins said...

Because of theology has shifted and I feel as if she has given me a greater understanding of God. Her little life gave me such a big gift in reconciling God's presence in our lives. In particular, that God is with us in life and that he rejoices and weeps with us as we move through life. Prior to Cara, I could have shrugged off moments in life to remark, "everything happens for a reason." Cara taught me that terrible things like her death happen as a result of our shared brokeness, but that with God we can work good through all you all have done with sharing Cara with us and honoring her life. My relationship with God and others will never be the same, and I attribute Cara's life to that. I'm so thankful for Cara Grace.