Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Father's Day Watch

Cynthia took me out last night to buy a watch. It probably seems like an odd thing to buy, but I told Cynthia that I needed something to get me through this day. I guess I needed a little retail therapy.

I've also found myself over the past couple of months in desperate need of watch whether at work or church or on the run. I've never been much of a watch guy but it was time to give in for the convenience of having the time of day only a turn of the wrist away.

I also told Cynthia that it seemed like a good Dad thing to have. Cynthia made a cute comment last night that I could time her contractions when we hopefully deliver Cara's little sister.

And, in a way, wearing this watch is a small signal that I'm a Dad. And that I have two girls to keep after.

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