Friday, June 19, 2009

Preparing for Father's Day

I have mixed feelings about Father's day right now. Cynthia and I were planning out our weekend and I told her I just need some time to think about what that day is going to look like. I think it's going to be a harder day than I thought it would be.

The hallmark holidays are so tough. I know there are deeper meanings to them, but at times they seem more superficial and just an opportunity for furniture stores to throw another sale.

But I suppose they're tough because they do mean something. They are a day to celebrate and honor those you love.

For me, as with most holidays, Father's Day is bittersweet. I feel like a Father because I am a Father to two beautiful little girls. And I'm so thankful for them. But the day will be met with grief and longing for what should have been. Cara should be there at church with us and at the pool with her Grandparents later that day.

Father's day will be tough, but I know we'll get through it. I know there is a lot to be thankful for which gives me some peace. I am lucky to be a Father to two angels and a husband to a beautiful wife...

From Cynthia's card to me last Father's day...

As I continue to watch you grow in your love for Cara, I long for the day when we will be chasing our children in the backyard. That moment when you and I will both catch each others eye and smile, silently exchanging the pleasure of our family, but forever longing for our beautiful little girl.

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